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A Book Club Event -The Sea by John Banville

Tuesday June 16th 2020.

Book Club Event: The Sea by John Banville – Maisie Holland

Maisie will introduce a discussion about this novel which was published in 2005. She is particularly interested in the way the word uncanny is frequently used by the narrator of the novel in a story about his return to the seaside village where he once spent a childhood holiday. He is both escaping from the recent loss of his wife and confronting a distant trauma. It has been suggested that Banville was influenced by Freud’s lesser known theory of “The Uncanny“ (Das Unheimliche ) which was published in 1919, a paper considered one of Freud’s most strange, about the psychological experience of something strangely familiar, ‘something that was long familiar to the psyche and was estranged from it only through being repressed’. Maisie invites us to explore with her how Freud’s uncanny permeates the novel and to consider how the uncanny might infiltrate our counselling with clients.


Maisie Holland qualified and worked as a Social Worker before training as a counsellor at Birkbeck. She has subsequently qualified as a supervisor and taught Introductory courses at Birkbeck. She has counselled in primary care and occupational health. For 5 years she was Assistant Clinical Director of Raphael, the Jewish Counselling Service. She currently works with short term clients mainly through Employee Assistance Programmes, and long term clients in private practice.


Please note that due to restrictions in place because of COVID-19, this event will be online and taking part requires registration (not membership) through the APPCIOS community website. Once registered, please request to join the BCA Forum room (on APPCIOS community website) to receive your invitation. This process is only required once to attend this and future Forum events. More details on the registration process and joining can be found on the new dedicated APPCIOS page.

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