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Moral dissonance and the persistence of racism by Dr. Gabriella Beckles-Raymond

Dr. Gabriella Beckles-Raymond (SFHEA)  will be talking about:


“I’m not a racist!” In a context where racism is purported to be morally objectionable why is it so difficult to talk about racism in the UK and how do we explain the enduring nature of racism in this country? How are we to understand the relationship between what we know about structural racism and the role individual people play in the maintenance and perpetuation of racism? This presentation will advance ‘moral dissonance’ as a psycho-structural framework for understanding the persistence of racism.



Dr. Gabriella Beckles-Raymond has twenty years of national and international experience in education. She is an interdisciplinary philosopher, educator, writer, and strategic consultant. Gabriella’s research and writing focuses on the philosophy of race and gender and is particularly concerned with questions of moral psychology, intersectional ethics, and education. She is co-convenor of the African Diaspora Post-Graduate seminar at Birkbeck University, in conjunction with Leading Routes, and co-founder of the Black Thought Collective. She was Program Lead for Canterbury Christ Church University’s award-winning Theology Degree Partnership Program.

Gabriella earned her MA and doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Memphis. She earned her BS in Psychology and MA in Sociology from Morgan State University in Baltimore, where she was also Director of the pioneering Academic Enrichment Program. Gabriella also holds the Senior Fellowship of Advanced Higher Education (SFHEA) and has a P.G.C.E. in Secondary Education from the Institute of Education, University of London. Drawing on her multidisciplinary background, and multi-dimensional professional experience, she enjoys working creatively and collaboratively to create loving, inspirational, and ethical life outcomes for all people.

Gabriella is affiliated indirectly to Birkbeck through the African Diaspora Post-Graduate Seminar program.


Below are Gabriella’s publications which may be of interest.

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