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Human commoditization

Resources and Human commoditization in relation to colonialism -Frieda Namene Shapopi-Lagrange

Monday, 20th June, 2022

Resources and Human commoditization in relation to colonialism 

In this presentation, Frieda expresses the view that colonialism was a socially constructed organisation, the primary task of which was to acquire resources through human commoditization. Using a psychoanalytic perspective, Frieda will draw on the works of Bion, Winnicott, Melanie Klein and Freud to offer insight about colonialism through her understanding of organisational dynamics. She will introduce the ‘initial and consequence sufferer’ positions and their manifestations. Frieda will be looking at the residues of colonialism in relation to race and the impact it continues to have in the present, be it on an individual level, in the consulting room or in society at large. Lastly, Frieda is curious and interested in engaging in a conversation about what our subjective views are on the way forward when thinking about colonialism.


Frieda was born in a culture which takes the view that the ‘human body’ is a canvas and that what we put on our body (clothing, jewellery, cosmetics and so forth) is an expression of an individual’s internal world and identity; a world that is largely influenced by external and environmental factors. Hence, as a young adult Frieda was drawn to the fashion world in which she worked as a high fashion model.

Frieda is co-founder and ambassador for Namene Solar Company. She mainly works with displaced communities who experience a lack of basic resources such as safe lighting due to war or natural disaster events, off grid homes in rural areas and low-income households around the world.


Equally, the displaced communities do not have access to mental health services such as counselling where they can process their experiences. To offer a more holistic approach that combines practical solutions and psychological help, Frieda embarked on an educational journey in counselling, and she obtained her MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy at Birkbeck College. Her long term goal is to make counselling services available to communities who are in dire need of psychological help. In the UK, Frieda has worked as a psychodynamic counsellor in the public sector and she will soon be practicing as a counsellor abroad.


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