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Sexuality, Psychoanalysis and the Therapist’s Countertransference

Sexuality, Psychoanalysis and the Therapist’s Countertransference

Date(s) - Saturday, June 24th, 2023
9:30 am - 1:30 pm


Sexuality, Psychoanalysis and the Therapist’s Countertransference by Juliet Newbigin

Workshop: 10:00AM – 1:30PM, registrations from 9:30AM

Venue: Draper Hall, Hampton Street, London SE17 3AN


Freud insisted that his psychoanalysis was a science. As a nineteenth century neurologist who had spent his early years in the laboratory making a painstaking microscopic study of eels and other organisms, this training played a crucial part in developing his work in the consulting room. His habit of close observation and “evenly hovering attention” produced striking results and led to his invention of the clinical setting, with a focus on analytic listening, which is crucial to psychoanalytic therapies today.


But the “scientific” assumption of objectivity in the study of individuals and their development has led psychoanalysis into significant errors, when facing differences between people that are associated with social prejudice. Therapists who believe themselves to be “objective” all too readily incorporate the prejudice unnoticed into their constructed understanding of the individual who is observed.


Sexuality and gender have, historically, been one of the sites of such misunderstanding, in spite of Freud’s somewhat ambiguous stance. This workshop will attempt to promote a more complex picture of the development of the therapeutic relationship, which incorporates the therapist’s reflective awareness not only of the impact of the patient and the history they bring, but also of the therapist’s own subjective response.

Juliet Newbigin is a senior psychotherapy member of the British Foundation for Psychotherapy. She has taught and written for several years on the impact of significant differences on the clinical relationship, most recently with Leezah Hertzmann on sexual orientation and gender diversity. She was involved in the working party that wrote the British Psychoanalytic Council’s Position Statement on Homosexuality in 2012, and currently chairs their Advisory Committee on Sexual and Gender Diversity.


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