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Impact of violence in the clinical setting

Violence and its Impact in the Clinical Setting

Monday 21st September

Violence and its Impact in the Clinical Setting
Kate Jeffs

Most of us avoid violence in our lives, look away at violent images on TV or film and screen out violent clients from our institutional work or private practice. Nonetheless, violence intrudes into our clinical work through assessments, dialogue, transference, phantasies, dreams, past and present experiences of the client and counsellor, unsettling and making us question our assumptions about violence. This presentation is an overview of psychodynamic thinking about violence and its application in an analysis of case material from my work as a counsellor.

About the Speaker

Kate Jeffs works as a student counsellor in a University, an Honorary Psychological therapist for a complex care mental health team in a NHS hospital and has a small private practice in London. She worked for many years as an honorary counsellor in HE and FE, the voluntary sector and a GP surgery.
She also worked in the Publishing Industry and as an English teacher in a Sixth Form College.

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