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Psychotherapy training

Training after Training: What’s the point?

Tuesday 19th February

Training after Training: What’s the point?
Lindsay Thomas

Why do a training after having already done one? After training at Birkbeck in the 90’s I worked as a GP counsellor for 9 years and began to lose my sparkle and the joy of anticipation I remembered having when I started the work. In this talk I would like to cover what led up to applying to train again, how I chose a training (AGIP – The Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy), the pitfalls to watch out for and the benefits, including how training in open-ended work had an immediate effect on my short term work. I will outline the training and what I found to be important and most valuable. This will be an experiential talk with lots of space for interaction in the group. We can discuss hopes and expectations, anxieties and fears and how training can be a way of nurturing and developing ourselves so we do not get left out of the equation when “caring” for others.

About the Speaker

Lindsay Thomas is a counsellor in primary care in both Southwark and Lambeth. She is a supervisor of counsellors in training at a London charity and taught the Introduction to Counselling at Birkbeck for several years. She has a small private practice and is currently exploring working with women streetworkers in Kings Cross and running groups for managers who work with the homeless. Her particular interest is in trauma and dissociation.

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