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Berlin Wall

The Wall – CBT or Psychodynamic?

Monday 16th March

The Wall – CBT or Psychodynamic?
Saeed Khalilirad

The division bell rang and a voice asked: “Where do you want to go from here, now that you have committed a sin, crossed the wall and have been on the other side?” It seemed to me that it was decision time but I asked the voice: “Why do I have to decide?” And the voice answered: “You are either with us or against us.” I was not dreaming, it was bright daylight and I was wide awake. It did not start like this and did not need to end like this, but the question needed an answer. When I started the Psychodynamic Counselling and CBT (Foundation Degree) course at Birkbeck, I was happy to be given this unique opportunity to be in a dual-modality course, and grateful to the pioneers of this course for launching it. But it was not a happy-go-lucky time and, as it continued, contradictions surfaced, resentments were expressed and obstacles were erected. I soon realised that I would be in very rough terrain and will have to face many confusing signs. I realised I need night vision goggles to traverse between the crevasses.

About the Speaker

Saeed Khalilirad is a Birkbeck student currently studying for a BSc in CBT and Psychodynamic Counselling as well as the MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy. He is also working at West London Mental Health NHS Trust.

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