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Bilingual Therapy

My experience of being a bilingual therapist working with bilingual clients – Dominique Cornwall

Wednesday 17th May 2017

How does offering a choice of language affect the therapeutic relationship? In attempting to address this question Dominique will present case studies to help us explore together what happens in the room between the clients and herself. She finds working in two languages has its advantages and pitfalls. It may be a great asset in terms of having a better understanding of the client’s unconscious motivations or provide extra help when describing a traumatic experience. However, she has come to realise that speaking a common language with a client can also encourage collusion between the client and the therapist.

About the Speaker

Dominique Cornwall is a Birkbeck trained psychodynamic counsellor and has worked in private practice for many years. She has also worked as a volunteer for the charity, Cruse Bereavement and Care since 2005. She subsequently trained as a supervisor and as a group co-facilitator under the umbrella of the Cruse/ Samaritans new project, which provides group support for people bereaved by suicide.

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