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Grenfell Tower Listening Post

Grenfell Tower – the psychosocial dynamics

Monday, 4th December 2017

Grenfell Tower – the psychosocial dynamics – Sandy Henderson

This event is participative and will use a condensed version of the ‘Listening Post’ Methodology developed by the registered charity OPUS – an Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society. This seeks to take a ‘snapshot’ of society at a particular moment in time, exploring the idea that a small Group, when studying the behaviour of the wider social system that is society, will Unconsciously express some of the characteristics of that society.

A Listening Post has three stages. In the first, participants share their personal Preoccupations arising in the various roles they have in society – as members of organisations, clubs, workplaces, families and so on. In the second they work in small groups to identify the underlying social and psychological themes and patterns emerging from their discussion. In the third, they all work together to develop hypotheses accounting for the societal dynamics at work both conscious and unconscious. This Listening Post ™ will focus exclusively on the ramifications of Grenfell Tower, and will be convened by the Director of OPUS, Sandy Henderson.

Sandy Henderson is a former City Lawyer who, in addition to his work for OPUS, now works as an executive coach and organisational consultant, specialising in group dynamics, leadership development, conflict resolution and culture change.

More information about the Listening Post can be found here:

Here is a copy of the report for the BCA forum Listening Post: BCA LP Report (4-12-17)

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