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Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

DIT: Psychodynamic concepts but so very different – Chris des Clayes

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Chris, a G.P. counsellor was ‘encouraged’ to train as a DIT therapist in order to offer a 16 week intensive therapy for clients with depression and relationship problems. This therapy which was designed by Alessandra Lemma, Peter Fonagy and Mary Target, is research based and it is hoped to be more freely available within the NHS (IAPT) services in future. This demanding training enabled Chris to re-visit her psychoanalytic/psychodynamic training and skills, and use them in a more intensive way. Chris found using mentalization based therapy particularly challenging. She is still trying to assimilate this knowledge and will discuss her insights into this training and what it potentially offers to clients.

About the Speaker

Chris des Clayes, originally trained as a nurse/midwife, working in the NHS and then as a VSO volunteer in Papua New Guinea. She then re-trained as a counsellor, completing a Diploma, an MA in Psychoanalysis and the MSc. in Psychodynamic Counselling at Birkbeck College in 2000. She has run a counselling service for the Women’s Health Department in Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow for 5 years, worked as a university counsellor for 3 years and worked as a G.P. counsellor and self- development course facilitator for the last 15 years in Cambridge.

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