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Adapting to change and taking the role of parenthood: a father’s perspective with Mark Davidson

Wednesday 19th October 2016

To become a parent is to embark on a journey which inevitably entails difficult times, but one which also generates huge rewards. The opportunity to watch your little one grow and develop, in the knowledge that you helped shape their personality, is an unrivalled joy; but providing a good enough environment involves much hard work, dedication, and a relinquishing of at least some independence to accommodate the needs of the baby. Although the experience is shared between the mother and father, the roles and expectations on each are different. So what are the difficulties a father might face when tasked with caring for a child, and why might some men not feel up to the challenge? We have all worked with patients whose fathers were not good enough, and we may even have worked with someone struggling with fatherhood. In this presentation Mark will explore a psychodynamic perspective of what it means to become a father and why some men might find it more difficult than others.

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