BPC Registration

3. The Application Process

Applications will be processed by a ‘Scrutiny Committee’ – a BCA sub-committee consisting of a number of experienced BCA members, most of whom are also BPC members. The function of the scrutiny committee is to help you make a successful application by ensuring that you meet the requirements. You will be allocated an application advisor from the scrutiny committee, who will be your point of contact and help you through the application process.

The scrutiny committee’s decision will normally be based only on your application form and references but, in some circumstances, you may be asked to write about your clinical work or attend an interview. Your application advisor will discuss this with you if it is required.

You can view the application forms and guidance notes here. When you apply, you will be sent electronic versions of the forms to complete and return by email. The first stage of making an application is to contact the chair of the scrutiny committee – the guidance notes will tell you how to do this.

4. Fees

BCA’s initial application fee for the scrutiny process is £230.

Details of BPC’s annual registration fee can be found here

5. Student membership of BPC

Students currently training on either of the two MSc courses named above are already eligible for free student membership of BPC. Contact the BCA student liaison officer for further information. studentliaison@birkbeckcounsellingassociation.org

6. FAQs click here

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