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Exploring the therapeutic use of questionnaires

Monday 18th May

How I learned to stop worrying and love the CORE: Exploring the therapeutic use of questionnaires
James MacDonald

Have you ever met a psychodynamic or humanistic therapist who actually liked giving questionnaires to their clients at every session? In this presentation, one such rare individual, psychotherapist and clinical psychologist Dr James Macdonald, shares his reasons for believing that using questionnaires as ‘feedback’ is one of the most effective ways any therapist can improve their clients’ engagement in therapy and nudge more of their clients to a satisfactory therapeutic outcome. The seminar will include insights from the world of psychotherapy research, James’ own clinical experiences and discussion with the audience.

About the Speaker

James Macdonald (PhD, DClinPsych) has a longstanding interest in how insights from psychotherapy research can be applied in practice. He worked until 2013 in an NHS Secondary Care Psychological Therapies Service. He is a former Academic Tutor on the Oxford Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology, where he continues to teach on Psychodynamic Therapy and Psychotherapy Research. He is currently developing and delivering clinical training on the use of feedback in therapy for CORE IMS and working in private practice in Oxford.

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