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Online therapy

Online Therapy

Wednesday 21st November 2018

Online Therapy – Sabi Chahal

Sabi will aim to demystify how we work with transference online and explore further how to identify the non-verbal communication when sometimes we only see a face. She will explore practical questions alongside a case study that will highlight and offer insight into these important points. There will also be the opportunity for discussion about these issues and about the unconscious processes which are inherent in the work. There will be the opportunity to reflect about particular issues which need to be considered when undertaking online therapy.

Sabi Chahal –Is a senior accredited therapist working in private practice with clients both face to face and online (telephone and video call). In 2015 Sabi trained further to obtain her certification as a Cyber Therapist. Sabi’s background in business and her passion for IT gave her the perfect platform from which to develop a unique practice that envelops diversity. Having gained valuable insight into difficulties faced by young people she has been able to help facilitate change for many expats in their search for belonging. Visiting South East Asia in 2007 led Sabi towards her interest in South Korea. This has resulted in Sabi working towards developing her own platform that will offer expats in South East Asia access to therapy online.